[Fsfe-ie] Re: [ox-en] Any feedback ? FROM recommendation to Brazilian WSIS delegates

Adam Moran adam at diamat.org.uk
Wed Jan 14 01:44:04 CET 2004

Hi Stefan, Hi Mako, Hi List

James Heald wrote:
 > Mary Harney has given a speech launching a brochure on
 > Ireland's priorities for the Competitiveness council:
 > http://dbs.corUntiUntitled 

I'm reading through this document and making notes in preparation for 
one task at hand, viz: [fsfe-ie] .v. Vapor European Software Patent 

In the forward to this document Mary Harney writes:

  "For the new Member States we wish to ease the way for successful 
integration" p3 para 1

  "European economic reform, as set out in the Lisbon Strategy, serves a 
number of objectives. These include social inclusion ..." p3 para 4

As I read these fine words I remember similar ones from the Brazilian 
government which I understand were delivered last month in Geneva at 
WSIS [1]  :

> That we support the initiative creating the 'Free Software Brazil Project'
> and the projects at state level as necessary intermediaries between the
> diverse actors in the Brazilian free software community: governments,
> universities, private initiatives, user groups, and free software developers.
> That free software is an integral part of the creation of a free, just,
> ethical, and inclusive society, in which people have the possibility of
> mutually helping one another in solidarity.
> That free software respects the need to preserve multilingualism and cultural 
> and sexual identities in cyberspace.
> That the freedoms granted to the users of free software allow the possibility
> of them escaping from the simple role of consumers of technology to become
> active participants in a knowledge society.
> That the license policy of proprietary software is unsustainable for the
> economies of developing countries.
> That the model of free licenses represents an opportunity to reach an equality
> of rights in the technological field, shrinking the digital divide, and 
> favouring users with fewer economic resources.
> That the development achieved by free software and the potential that it
> represents are a clear proof of its strategic function on the way to a 
> knowledge and information society.
> That the training of people with free, just, ethical, and inclusive thought
> is fundamental for society, and free software is a great catalyst for such 
> values. [2]

It seems to me that Mary should check out these folk and their ideas; 
they could be of help in the wider task of social integration.


[1] World Summit of Information Society : For further details and 
details of London feedback meeting 30-01-04 

[2] Part of an unnofical translation of "recommendation to Brazilian 
WSIS delegates" by graham seaman (graham at seul.org). 

Graham writes: "Please excuse the literalness of the translation - I 
tried to stay very close to the original" - I am told that the official 
translators used a heavy filter.

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