[Fsfe-ie] Irish presidency brochure on Competitiveness priorities

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Sat Jan 10 07:04:56 CET 2004

James Heald <j.heald at ucl.ac.uk> writes:
> http://dbs.cordis.lu/cgi-bin/srchidadb?CALLER=NHP_EN_NEWS&ACTION=D&SESSION=&RCN=EN_RCN_ID:21416

> http://www.eu2004.ie/templates/document_file.asp?id=2054

> > community patent, community trade mark regulations, and the
> > *protection of software inventions* form an important underpinning

> > A knowledge-based economy must have effective instruments and laws
> > to protect and promote investment in research and innovation. A
> > harmonised approach to enforcement of intellectual property rights,
> > EU wide protection of patents afforded by a community patent, and
> > the *protection of software inventions*, form an important
> > underpinning of the research and knowledge-based economy. We will

Dissapointing words.

I'm drafting a letter for her and her associates at the moment.  I've
only just started, but I'll post what I have mid-saturday.

Given the buzzwordiness of "competitiveness" at the moment, I'll
highlight the need for software to be interoperable for it to be

(other focuses are the amount of currently legal software that will
suddenly become illegal, the need for Irish govt & industry to be able
to implement it's own software security unhindered, and with the amount
of good reports the EU have recently produced regarding Free Software, I
think it's finally time to give it a mention.)

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