[Fsfe-ie] Re: Spammers pulling addresses from these groups

Jonas Oberg jonas at coyote.org
Fri Jan 9 09:04:49 CET 2004


> Received quite a lot of spam today mailed to fsfeurope2<at 
> symbol>nedprod.com which I use on fsfe-ie at fsfeurope.org and 
> discussion at fsfeurope.org. One of these mailing lists is displaying 
> our email addresses publicly!

Do you perhaps mean s_fsfeurope2? From a quick search it's quite
likely that your address was harvested from the November archives,
when someone answered a message from you, quoting your email address
in the body of the response.

While Mailman's pipermail archive does obfuscate the email addresses
in the headers of an email, it doesn't generally do this for the body
of the mails because doing so would break possible GPG signatures.


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