[Fsfe-ie] 7163 Visually impaired in Ireland

mmcweeney at oceanfree.net mmcweeney at oceanfree.net
Wed Jan 7 11:53:40 CET 2004

Folks, Because of this being mentioned in recent discussions, I visited http://www.ncbi.ie/
and fed back on what I saw, pointing out that I was an IFSO member & got the
following response.
Thanks for the Feedback on the website. The correct figure of Blind and
Vision impaired people we have registered with us is 7163. As regards the
Technical Pages, I suppose the omission of any Linux related information is

down to me. At present the pages only contain the relevant information to
the products that we currently sell. We do have on of our Support Officers
who has installed a copy of Linux with built in screen reading software and

has begun testing it. I have asked him to write up a report on what he is
using and his experiences with it, I hope to be able to put this up soon.
Collyn Kenny

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