[Fsfe-ie] That was the launch, what next (and robots)

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Tue Jan 6 09:50:20 CET 2004

Well, we made it onto gnu-friends.org, lwn.net, newsforge.com, and
slashdot.org.  Front page of the first two, and somewhere on the others.

We've been visited by 194 unique IPs and their still coming in.

The first IFSO meeting will be this thursday, all details the same as
our previous meetings: http://ifso.info/about.html
(all welcome, no membership or notice required)

Todo :
* Get someone to draw the logo
* Get final paper work done for bank account and ifso.ie domain
* Get back to work on the patents issues (I think I've said that before)
* Agree on a press release
* Talk about an FS in education project (or was it charities? Glenn?)
* Start accepting memberships[0] (committee at a minimum.  yes?)
* Take some photos[1] (can anyone bring a digital camera?)
* Talk about the first annual IFSO conference
* Everything else
* plus the usual editor, language, desktop, and mua wars

[0] We should have a bank account on friday or monday, so I guess these
can stay in Glenns pocket until then?  We need a receipt book.

[1] some mugshots and/or a photo of a meeting would make IFSO look a bit
more real and a bit more human, and new folk could recognise us for

...and GNU Robots: a brilliant programming game I found.  So good that I
have to mention it somewhere.  package 'gnurobots' on Debian, and I
think on RedHat also, and probably most/all distros.

You write a program in scheme (not complex), the little robot starts off
in a maze and runs your program.  There are baddies, food, and prizes.
The game isn't elaborate, but it's brilliant and addictive.

Read the docs, it's all dead simple.  My current robot is at:
but he's not very good, so I'll bin him soon and write a mapper bot.

Ciaran O'Riordan - http://www.compsoc.com/~coriordan/

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