[Fsfe-ie] ifso.info & launch on monday

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Mon Jan 5 02:23:32 CET 2004

Ian Clarke <ian at locut.us> writes:
> Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:
> >   We have a website at http://ifso.info/

> Really niggly points:

I'd rather get them fixed now, so keep em coming.
I hope to submit the site to gnu-friends, slashdot, lwn etc at 1000h
monday morning, and we'll continue to fix glitches after that time, so
all comments welcome.

> In the "What is Free Software?" paragraph ditch
> either the numbers or the bullet points


> The "Access to the source code" paragraph may be superfluous,

The problem is that without mentioning source code, non-programmers
would think that altering/improving a program just involves changing the
settings or writing macros for their word processor.  I'll think about
this some more but I think some reference should stay.

> "they could lock them into repeat orders" - what is a "repeat order"?
> Possibly needs elaboration or alternate wording.

will fix.

> "Freenet" not "FreeNet" :-)

will fix.

> "This term does solve the ambiguity problem, but it also hides the
> idea of freedom. For this reason, I avoid the term Open Source."

This page was copied from my homepage, so I'll review it all, especially
that last sentence.

> Oh, also - apparently Paypal Europe is starting next month, could be
> useful for donations (I have used Paypal extensively in the US, it
> works pretty well).

I'm afraid of paypal for various reasons, this was discussed a while
ago, and niall douglas pointed out an alternate solution:


We'll discuss it again after we're up and running.

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