[Fsfe-ie] ifso.info & launch on monday

Ian Clarke ian at locut.us
Mon Jan 5 02:03:09 CET 2004

Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:
>   We have a website at http://ifso.info/

Looks great!

Really niggly points: In the "What is Free Software?" paragraph ditch 
either the numbers or the bullet points, we only need one or the other 
(IMHO keep the bullet points, starting the numbering at 0 is nice and 
geeky, but geeks probably aren't the audience for this paragraph).  The 
"Access to the source code" paragraph may be superfluous, a strict KISS 
principal should probably be adhered to in the very first FAQ answer.

Getting rid of the numbers will prevent the second answer from 
referencing the freedoms by number, this is a good thing, they should 
probably be described rather than referenced.  eg. "The need for freedom 
zero.." becomes "Freedom to run the software..."

"they could lock them into repeat orders" - what is a "repeat order"? 
Possibly needs elaboration or alternate wording.

"Freenet" not "FreeNet" :-)

"This term does solve the ambiguity problem, but it also hides the idea 
of freedom. For this reason, I avoid the term Open Source."

Probably best to avoid the first person.  Perhaps an alternate approach:

Free Software and Open Source share the same goal, but have different 
motivations.  Free Software advocates often avoid the term Open Source 
believing it obscures the social and ethical motivation behind Free 
Software.  Open Source advocates prefer to focus on the benefit to the 
individual using the software.

All just suggestions, take em or leave em.

Oh, also - apparently Paypal Europe is starting next month, could be 
useful for donations (I have used Paypal extensively in the US, it works 
pretty well).


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