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Adam Moran adam at diamat.org.uk
Mon Sep 29 01:59:50 CEST 2003


Niall Douglas wrote:

 > Information is power, and thus it is valuable to those who wish to
 > exert power. For example if most Americans knew the true state of
 > Saddam's Iraq, they would never have let Bush invade that country.

i agree - we should tell them

 > And that kind of sweeping change is something free software cannot do
 > because you'll never get enough of a team together to agree on
 > something totally unproven. Only investment capital can pay people to
 > do the work required to prove a concept.

we built this on good will and credit cards http://mkdoc.com/

free software is able to make sweeping changes as it brings to our 
attention a new mode of production - this mode of production enables 
things to be built which are both more useful and cheaper than those 
built in the past

*more useful because things are built to satisfy the collective needs of 
the participants - the thing gets built without having to face one side 
of the value form - money

*cheaper because the build and the maintenance is distributed ... and 
here's the cruncher ... we build things to last - we build libraries, we 
modularise; we build things for re use - we don't build things to throw 
away, burn and other wise pollute the planet - we are outside the 
reproduction process dictated by the reproduction of the other side of 
the value form - capital

through out history one form of society has been replaced by another 
with a more competitive mode of production - Graham Seaman draws some 
interesting parallels between what's happening now and what happened in 
the uk in the 17 th century when the feudal mode of production was 
defeated by the capitalist mode of production [1]

 >>> Software, just like mathematics (gee, because it IS mathematics), and
 >> Software is a BRANCH of mathematics. It is *similar* to other areas
 >> of mathematics but it is most certainly not the same.

what would you call the solution to n simultaneous equations with n 
different variables ? i'm thinking of a method in which we could equate 
any product with any another in order that they can be exchanged; this 
is necessary when there's not enough products for everyone and an 
individual needs to exchange his products for those needed for his 
subsistence ?

historically these equations have been solved by money, the universal 
equivalent form of value - is this software ?


[1] The Two Economies

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