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Thu Sep 25 11:04:59 CEST 2003

The text of the ammendments that where accepted yesterday are  here

(click on the 24th).

All in all it looks great to me, its hard to imagine what kind of software
can be patented with those amendments, very little. The only down side are the
first handfull of amendments that go on about how god himself gave us patents,
gee arent they great and the EU commits itself to worshipping at the foot of the 
patent alter once a day and twice on sundays. If i where reading the bill i
would read these sections as the intent of the bill, and the rest as the detail,
if the finished product still conveys that impression then these declarations of
intent/undying love could be used as a foundation for attacks on the 'detail' in
the future.


#Quoting Adam Moran <adam at diamat.org.uk>:

> hi adam,
> adam beecher wrote:
> > No, aside from the fact that these things would probably look better
> coming
> > from an "association" or somesuch,
> i dunno ... i thought this when i was sending it ... but then i thought
> it makes more sense hitting them with the same information over and over
> again from lots of sources ... a kinda DDOS
>   particularly in a case like this where
> > the MEP's are being hammered from the other side by associations,
> > corporations and professional lobbyists. There's no doubt that the
> personal
> > approach does work in some circumstances, but I think personal lobbying
> is
> > best used to /enhance/ an organised campaign.
> what we are doing now is an organised campaign - for me, it's organised
> via this email list and i think this is an appropriate method
> > Greenpeace and the EFF are perfect examples, and when you get right down
> to
> > it we're just talking about a few forms and a web-fax gateway, something
> a
> > bunch of techies like us should be able to procure and produce in a
> couple
> > of hours. 
> ... Tab-delimited spreadsheet of Irish MEP fax numbers attached
> i take your point about the need to use the technology available to us
> ... i'll get together a list of the uk meps, emails for the next round
> --
> adam
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