[Fsfe-ie] 1-page letter, faxes at the ready

Adam Moran adam at diamat.org.uk
Thu Sep 25 09:19:17 CEST 2003

hi adam,

adam beecher wrote:

> No, aside from the fact that these things would probably look better coming
> from an "association" or somesuch,

i dunno ... i thought this when i was sending it ... but then i thought
it makes more sense hitting them with the same information over and over
again from lots of sources ... a kinda DDOS

  particularly in a case like this where
> the MEP's are being hammered from the other side by associations,
> corporations and professional lobbyists. There's no doubt that the personal
> approach does work in some circumstances, but I think personal lobbying is
> best used to /enhance/ an organised campaign.

what we are doing now is an organised campaign - for me, it's organised
via this email list and i think this is an appropriate method

> Greenpeace and the EFF are perfect examples, and when you get right down to
> it we're just talking about a few forms and a web-fax gateway, something a
> bunch of techies like us should be able to procure and produce in a couple
> of hours. 

... Tab-delimited spreadsheet of Irish MEP fax numbers attached

i take your point about the need to use the technology available to us
... i'll get together a list of the uk meps, emails for the next round


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