[Fsfe-ie] directive passed, summary

sean at odonnell.nu sean at odonnell.nu
Wed Sep 24 17:54:31 CEST 2003

Some of the posts on slashdot are from one of the  guys that was in 
brussels for the vote, he gives a list of what amendments where in and 
what was out. The FFII seem to be relatively happy with it, and the committee
behind the directive are thinking of pulling it as they feel its been highjacked
by the likes of us:)

It also seems there will be a 'second reading' as the set of ammendments agreed
to today is still somewhat contradictary.

All and all it doesnt look too bad.


Quoting Kevin O'Riordan <kor at compsoc.com>:

> ffii have a brief mention of it:
>     http://swpat.ffii.org/news/03/plen0923/index.en.html
> content-free, but give them a while.
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