[Fsfe-ie] 1-page letter, faxes at the ready

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Tue Sep 23 06:10:39 CEST 2003

(Right, I'm going to sleep.)

It's a quickish letter, 1 page so people can fax more of them,
slightly larger print coz fax machines aren't great.

The voting list was mostly robbed from FFII but I've checked
most of their endorsements and filled in most of the gaps.

There are 102 MEPs, 15 Irish, 87 UK.  Take a block, tell the
list, and take another block after if you can.  I don't have
fax access but I'm getting a friend to do 10 for me, so I'll
take UK 78 to 87.  I'll probably be without email until 1630h
if you need to make changes, the OpenOffice file is here
along with the pdf:


This page gives links to the Irish & UK MEP listings.
They're in Strasbourg, each MEP has a Strasbourg fax number
on their page.

AFAIK, plenary sessions end at 1300 or 1400, so our MEPs will
have the evening to read faxes, if we can get it to them early
that would be great.  Strasbourg is 1 hour ahead of us.

I stuck my name on it in the hope that they'll recognise it
from the previous letter.  Niall Douglas says the last letter
went down well across the parties, so linking the two letters
might add a bit of clout.

This might be our last chance to make a difference.

Good Luck.

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