[Fsfe-ie] UK gov intervenes to support software patents

Niall Douglas s_fsfeurope2 at nedprod.com
Sat Sep 13 22:46:39 CEST 2003

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On 13 Sep 2003 at 11:02, Ian Clarke wrote:

> How exactly are we responding to the McCarthy FUD about the
> anti-patents movement?  I know that ffii has put together a rebuttal -
> but is that being exposed to the right audience?

The Irish MEP's I'm told have excellent FUD filters because of 
usually weekly meetings with their constituents. What I can say is 
that their response to our campaign on this directive has been far 
more constructive than the similar response in the UK. 

> I am surprised that nobody has put together a spreadsheet of MEPs
> together with their positions, and likelihood that their positions
> might be swayed.

My understanding is that 13 of 15 are anti-patent. But the "common 
position" directive is preferred over the JURI one and I'm not sure 
that's warranted. I've asked Helmut Pilch for a copy of this original 
original directive, but so far he's not replied. Also, don't publish 
such a list in public, PGP it or something.

> I hope I am wrong - but from my distant vantage point over here in
> California - it seems like momentum has dissipated somewhat since the
> protests.

Actually we have reached a level of coordination, activity and 
cohesiveness unparalleled before. This last two months has been 
amazing - we actually are having an effect. I think this is in no 
small part down to (a) the campaign money pledged by certain 
benefactors like George Soros and (b) we're sounding with one voice, 
plus instead of talking we're now lobbying.

> What remains to be done?  Who still needs to be persuaded?  What must
> they be persuaded of?  Who is coordinating this effort?

In Ireland I think we've done brilliantly given all factors 
concerned. The UK has been much harder, most especially because 
British MEP's are from this experience anyway completely devoid of 
capacity for independent thought. They just vote and believe as party 
central tells them to :(

This does not mean the battle is over. New letter someone? I can't 
write it because no one ever understands me :)


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