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i'm new to this list - i'm cross posting this to the [Fsfe-ie] list

From: 	Ciaran O'Riordan
Date: 	Sun, 31 Aug 2003 20:11:50 +0100

> BTW, MEPs are being inundated with mail about swpats.  This is good in a
> way but we should try to reduce the volume and increase the quality
> of our lobbying.  i.e. produce joint, peer-reviewed letters so that
> they get a readable amount of mail from us.

i think this is the way to go

From: 	Bernard
Date: 	Sat, 30 Aug 2003 00:11:56 -0000

> Not neccesarily, it [the directive proposal ]*can* be turned down, but a majority of the MEPs
> would have to agrree. If more english MEPs could get an understanding
> that it's not good for europe, it could be a final step, but we are far from
> it of course.

> I'd say it's essential to convince as many individual MEPs as possible in
> the
> week after the plenary that a directive like the proposed one would
> put the mostly small european software companies at a drawback
> against non-european multinationals.

this is the line with the stance i have been asked to adopt for this 
group http://webarchitects.co.uk/ - i wrote to our local mp richard 
allen, at the weekend, who has this blog 
http://www.sheffieldhallam.co.uk/blog/index.php ... with the same 
attachment as i have put on this one - laura creightons analysis is the 
coherent argument of the small to medium size business

From: 	Bernard

> Instead *in my dream* the EP could start an resolution to the commission
> to force the EPO the put examination guidelines into force which prevents
> it from granting patents on software and put an european patent observatory
> in charge to continously monitor the work of the EPO and report it to the
> parliament/plenary regulary - like the European Central Bank does.

my eldest daughter says 'if you are going to have dreams dad, have a big 
ones ;)' ... what's killing software sme's in this country is lack of 
working capital - you just can't borrow working capital as you have no 
'real' business assetts - the e.u. ought to do an 'Airbus' on us and 
give us backing

this next bit is from [Fsfe-ie] list, and i think it makes sense to have 
as much involvement as possible


[Fsfe-ie] Minutes [Glenn Strong ] wrote:

 >>>    - We could provide a "throwaway" web site
 >>>      (e.g. irish-anti-e-patents.org) that we could direct
 >>>      people to.

Aidan Delaney wrote:

 >> It looks like I may be getting http://ifso.cs.may.ie, if that's any 

i wrote:

if it would help we could set up a site on our servers which run 
http://mkdoc.com/ - this would allow for multiple editors, rss import 
and export, all the usual spiel - we could set it up at a temporary 
domain until one was picked - Ciaran could blog away happilly until more 
folk joined in  ;)  ... and we'd be able to re-purpose each others 
content to suit firstly our mutual and secondly individual goals - my 
guess its all the same goal in any case

strange how the same mode of production used for FLOSS is now our friend 
again to protect it - you never know; there may be hope :)


let me know if your interested


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