[Fsfe-ie] Summary of meeting #3

Glenn Strong Glenn.Strong at cs.tcd.ie
Thu Sep 4 13:14:41 CEST 2003

  Robert Fitzsimons 
  Ciaran O'Riordan
  Glenn Strong
  Malcolm Tyrrell

Discussion, topics, and suggestions:
  - Given the current focus, would it be useful to organise an anti
    e-patent body independent of FFII?

    - We could provide a "throwaway" web site
      (e.g. irish-anti-e-patents.org) that we could direct
      people to.

    - We should assemble a list of current amendments (as they come out)
      - remove the proposer information (to remove any prejudice
        that may be associated with the name).
      - Identify each as a Yes/No for our position.
      - Briefly discuss our reasoning for each decision.
      Use these to indicate to our MEPs the kind of amendments we
      would consider acceptable and unacceptable.

    - There was some question as to what would actually happen if the
      directive was passed - precisely what changes would be made to
      Irish law?

  - We should produce a challenge to Arlene McCarthy's Fact Sheet
    (that is, a specific response document that addresses the
    Myth/Fact items McCarthy listed here:

And also, of course, considerable discussion of (among others)
hardware, software and recumbent bicycles.

Glenn Strong

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