[Fsfe-ie] stuff from the past week

Jimmy O'Regan jimregan at o2.ie
Mon Oct 27 04:42:41 CET 2003

Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:

>On Mon, Oct 27, 2003 at 01:02:37AM +0000, Jimmy O'Regan wrote:
>>An organisation that sets out to promote only free software
>>is going to face more difficulty than an organisation promoting open
>>source, or an organisation promoting both; open source has mind share,
>>and a larger amount of people willing to promote it.
>We dissagree and don't seem capable of convincing eachother to switch
>positions. (end or sub-thread?)
>Your last sentence is one that I could spend hours argueing against.
>I've seen lesser debates grind an org to a halt.  I've done the
>FS/OSS/both debate a hundred times.  I'm bored of it and I know it's a
>time killer.  I just want to get good work done.
I'm all for that. (As a side effect, it'd make your point by 
demonstration :)

>FS is my thing, and I'm gonna work damn hard at it.  If others also
>want to work on FS issues, then I'd like to form an FS org to
>coordinate our work and facilitate others who'd like to get started.
>>From the list, and even moreso from the meetings, I know there are
>others that have the same goal.  So it will happen, and when we are
>fighting common enemys such as software patents, I hope OSS people
>will assist us.  Or if an OSS org forms, I hope we can work together
>on common fights.
That's basically what I was looking for. Clear goals and a will to 
achieve them are two of the most important thing needed to begin a 
quest; I commend you on having both and would be happy to help in any 
way I can.

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