[Fsfe-ie] Irish Times article, my feedback

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Mon Jul 28 07:57:03 CEST 2003

Hi Adam,
  I'm expecting a response much like the one you predict.

  Another newspaper (the Independent?) had a full page about "Linux"
and Gu4dec last month with just one mention of GNU.  I thought that
was pretty shoddy but maybe next time Karlin writes a "Linux" article
there will be just mention of GNU or the free-speech side of the
OS.  It would still be shoddy but it's a start. (that's my motivation)


> Hi Ciaran,
> Karlin will likely reply by telling you that she understands a lot of what
> you're saying - I've discussed the Microsoft contracts with Gov.ie in the
> past - but that she has to play to the lowest common denominator in her
> audience, which means sometimes leaving out intracacies in order to get her
> story across. Sometimes I disagree with her, because on occasion she twists
> the story to make it sit better, but this can be deceptive. Most of the time
> I can see her point though. I believe Karlin's running Red Hat at the moment
> by the way. :)
> adam
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> > Hi all,
> >   In Friday's Irish Times there was an article on page 4 of the
> > business section titled
> >  "Linux popularity is swelling but advocates must spread the word".
> >
> >   It was a journalists account of a "Linux" press conference chaired
> > by Linus Torvalds, John Hall, and spokesmen from Oracle, SuSE, RedHat,
> > and VA Software.
> >
> >   I mailed the following response to the author, the jist of it is
> > that it's the GNU project and the Free Software movement that really
> > needs advocates.  I thought I'd forward it here in case anyones
> > interested.  I'll let the list know if I get a response.
> >
> >   My comments near the end about an Irish Free Software organisation
> > are hopeful guesses.  I made no reference to this list so I'm
> > representing myself alone.  I'd like to see such an organisation
> > emerge from this list, I have some ideas which I'll mail to the list
> > later.
> >
> >
> > Ciaran.
> >
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