[Fsfe-ie] Wiki

Fergal Daly fergal at esatclear.ie
Mon Jul 7 14:33:54 CEST 2003

Thanks Adam, that's exceelent. I've stuck up some pages about patents. Very 
little info, but I just want to get the ball rolling.

I hope my attitude to the wiki is not too different from everyone elses. I 
don't see it as a public presence for other people to browse (especially as 
it's so easily defacable).

I see it as our collective memory [1]. Somewhere we can collect information so 
that when anyone has to meet someone and argue our case, they can go to the 
wiki and find what they need.

We should also have a public presence/website somewhere too but for me, that's 
not a burning issue. We may be meeting MEPs this week we need to be prepared, 
the wiki is a great tool for this.

If you read something new or interesting about patents, link to it on the 
wiki, throw in quick summary of what it says and how it differs from previous 
articles. Then post to the list so others can either just read your summary 
or follow the link.

That way we can distribute the reading task and hopefully get all the best 
bits of the literature that's out there, without everyone having to read 

There's a a page where we can make a list of all the arguments against.


I've just added 2 without much detail. It'd be great if people could add some 
more. If everyone on this list just added 1 argument against SWP - be as 
brief or as detailed as you like - and gave a link to more detailed docs on 
it then we'd have plenty to bring to these MEPs when we meet them.

Don't be shy, no one gives a toss about your writing style, we need content, 
not presentation and with a wiki, you can always come back and prettify it 
later if you want and other people can prettify your work too.

Lots of stories and arguments came up a the meeting last week, it'd be great 
to see them recorded somewhere. Also, it'd be good if the action points from 
the meeting got up there too, maybe with a page for each to track the 
progress or collect useful info,


[1] First person to say "you will be assimilated" gets a slap

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