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Aidan Delaney adelaney at cs.may.ie
Mon Jul 7 10:40:12 CEST 2003

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Hey All,
	Adam Beecher kindly set us up the Wiki.  Now all your WikiWords belong to us.  
It's at 
I've added some stuff to it and I'd like to see people agree/disagree with it 
and change it around.  I'm not allowed to send mail from my server and am 
greatful for Adam stepping into the breach and providing hosting.  If I knew 
stuff about DNS I'd probably add another sentance about DNS pointers, but I 

I'm not sure how we want to go forward with our web presence, but I'd like to 
see us with a sub-site from fsfeurope.org and hosting all our business from 
there.  Again who agrees/disagrees with this?  Though I like the idea of a 
.ie to give us a more national focus.  Whats the Irish for Free Software?  
Could we get $(Irish_for_Free_Software).ie?  I know I'm always banging on 
about translations into Irish, but it will be important when governent 
software is required to be bi-lingual (like in most other EU contries).  
Maybe we can encourage students from Irish language studies to do thesis on 
Irish language and computers.
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Aidan Delaney
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If anyone has both the right and the need to study the code and be assured of 
its correct functioning, it is users.
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