[fsfe-fi] RightsStatements translation in Finnish

Martin von Willebrand Martin.vonWillebrand at hhpartners.fi
Tue Oct 9 20:13:57 UTC 2018

Our law firm was retained to check these translations into Finnish; and I was in charge of that particular assignment. (It has been a while, but we did put quite some effort to create a good quality translation.) Anyhow, comments should go via the official pipeline now.


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Aihe: [fsfe-fi] RightsStatements translation in Finnish

There's time until tomorrow to comment on the translation:

"Rights statements" is the set of standard descriptions of the copyright 
situation of works which don't have a public license. They're used in 
digital collections to facilitate reuse and aggregation, among the 
others, by Europeana and DPLA.

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