[fsfe-fi] Haluaako joku suomentaa kirjeen FSFE:n tukijoille? (Fwd: supporter mail english)

Otto Kekäläinen otto at fsfe.org
Mon Dec 17 14:19:30 CET 2012


Alla kirje joka olisi menossa FSFE:n tukijoille. Haluaisiko joku
suomentaa tämän?

Jos se saadaan suomennettua, voidaan FSFE:n suomalaisille tukijoille
(noin 300 hlö) vähän ystävällisempi kirje, kaikki eivät välttämättä
ole niin sinut englannin kanssa...

Suomennoksen voi lähettää tälle listalle suoraan tai tehdä esim
online-kirjoittimen https://public.pad.fsfe.org/ kautta.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Léopold Baillard <leobaillard at fsfe.org>
Date: 2012/12/17
Subject: Re: supporter mail english
To: Otto Kekäläinen <otto at fsfe.org>
Kopio: Erik Albers <eal at fsfe.org>, Matthias Kirschner <mk at fsfe.org>

Hey Otto!

Below you will find an email that we are going to send to the
supporters. Matthias wants to send a separate one for the DE supporters
as a lot has happened in Germany and he wants to try and get them to
become fellows.

Maybe you would like to do the same with the Finns as you did quite a
lot in Finland as well? If you have the time and the will to do it,
please send me a Finnish version of this text with your modifications.
We want to send that today. So if you don't want a special version, or
if you don't have the time, we can send the English version for the
Finns as well.


Le 17/12/2012 12:07, Erik Albers a écrit :
> this is the mail for all the SUPPORTERS except the german ones!
> there will be an additional mail for the german-speaking supporters!
> you have one version in this email and the same added as an attachment
> without line-breaks.
> thanks!
> erik
> ----- begin ----
> Dear $name,
> you signed up as a supporter of the Free Software Foundation Europe. That is
> why you receive a short email today that keeps you up-to-date about our most
> important work in the year 2012.
> We have been working hard throughout the year to prevent users from having
> their hardware locked by a system that is called "secure boot" [1], with the
> success that our demands were echoed by Germany's federal government [2]. In
> addition to that, we launched our Free Your Android campaign [3] to help
> users get in full control of their mobile devices, too. In June, the
> European Court of Justice prove us right by fining Microsoft for practicing
> its near-monopoly position [4] - something FSFE was working for years to get
> done. Together with other organisations, FSFE had its impact on UK
> government to publish a new policy on Open Standards [5] and we managed to
> celebrate the biggest Document Freedom Day [6] with more than 50 events in
> more than 20 countries around the globe [7]. Generally, the whole year, we
> worked hard to get the Free Software message out. We gave more than 50
> talks, held more than 10 workshops across Europe and have been co-organising
> FSCONS [8].
> All this success wouldn't be possible without the continuous help and
> support of our Fellows all over Europe. You like what we do? You do not like
> to wait another half of a year to read interesting Free Software news from
> Europe? Then subscribe to our monthly Free Software newsletter now:
>       http://fsfe.org/news/newsletter.html
>       (available in many languages)
> Besides FSFE's work and events, in our newsletter you find information about
> our Fellowship activities, as well as selected news from the Free Software
> world and our Fellowship planet.
> Now we wish you a happy Christmas and a happy GNU year 2013. Thank you very
> much for supporting us,
>       Erik Albers and your FSFE team
> [1]
> http://fsfe.org/campaigns/generalpurposecomputing/secure-boot-analysis.en.html
> [2]
> http://www.bmi.bund.de/SharedDocs/Downloads/DE/Themen/OED_Verwaltung/Informationsgesellschaft/trusted_computing_eng.html
> [3] http://freeyourandroid.org
> [4] http://fsfe.org/news/2012/news-20120627-01.en.html
> [5] https://fsfe.org/news/2012/news-20120425-02.en.html
> [6] http://www.documentfreedom.org/
> [7] http://www.documentfreedom.org/news/2012/news-20120403-01.en.html
> [8] http://fsfe.org/events/2012/fscons-2012.en.html

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