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Ehtisikö joku suomentaa FSFE:n alla olevan tiedotteen aiheesta, niin
voisin lähettää tiedotteen suomalaiselle medialle? Olen kiinni koko
päivän työasioissa, mutta illalla junassa matkalla kotiin voisin
lähettää tiedotteen, jos joku ehtii sen siihen mennessä suomentaa...

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today at ca. 12:10, the European Parliament adopted a proposal for
a unitary patent.

Informed opinion about this proposal has been hostile across the
whole spectrum of stakeholders in the patent system.

We've issued a PR (shortly to become  available also in Spanish
and French, courtesy of Leo and Ana)


The whole proposal is pretty broken, so I'd like to convince
myself that there are any number of ways in which it can still
fail. More likely, however, everyone will muddle through.

The next formal step is that 13 member states need to ratify this.
Germany, France, and the UK have to be among them. If that
happens, the unitary patent system will become effective at the
beginning of 2014.

Maybe we can get the UK Parliament to throw this out; but that's
a long shot.

Otherwise we'll have to come up with new attack vectors.

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