Funding FOSS -> Onlinekonferenz: 13./14.11. SeaGL

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Do Nov 12 09:14:06 UTC 2020

Hallo Leute,

ich wurde von einem Kumpel hierauf aufmerksam gemacht:

The Seattle GNU/Linux conference (SeaGL) is a grassroots technical
conference dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge about the
GNU/Linux community and free / libre / open source software and ​hardware.

Besonders interessant schein mir ein Vortrag

Es geht um nachhaltige Finanzierung von Freier Software für


To see widespread freedom, we must center end-user voices and fund
end-user focused free software well enough to out-compete proprietary

This talk [...]  will describe the economic and political reasons why
the free software movement needs stronger end-user orientation and why
it's so hard to build the necessary solidarity. The impact will be
successful whether people want to join our efforts or figure out how to
apply this orientation.

Weitere interessant Vortragstitel:

- Features of a Modern Terminal Emulator
- Patently Obvious – The year the lawyers came to FOSS
- Open Source Secrets Management
- Rise up for free software in schools!
- The Open Digital Photography Workflow
- Stand-up comedy about FLOSS
- ...

Beste Grüße,

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