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Roland Häder roland at mxchange.org
Mi Jan 22 22:29:26 UTC 2020

Hello all,

I cannot believe that those feminists 3.0 on the #36C3 found it that we
discuss to less about woman's right to vote and want a 50/50 share law
for politicial parties established. You have that right, use it. It
won't help, that you block parties not having at least 50/50 for women,
make women want to go to politics.

Instead why don't they dare watch Charlie Chaplin's announcement to
humanity? [1] Or other more pressing topics (he talkes about)? Because
they think to much and feel to less.

I don't write more in this mail, maybe later more, but please do watch
the linked video! Sorry it includes non-free music, but that is not the
point. The music is perfectly blending with the images and speech of him.

Best regards and with much love,
Roland Haeder

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