Save the date: FSFE community meeting am November 25 & 26

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Do Sep 21 12:28:42 UTC 2017

Hallo DE Team,

ich möchte euch hiermit herzlichst zu unserer ersten Edition eines hoffentlich
jährlich stattfindenden FSFE community meetings einladen. Ziel ist, unter
anderem, voneinander zu lernen, unsere übergreifende Arbeit zu vereinfachen
und den gemeinsamen Zusammenhalt zu stärken. Ich freue mich schon sehr darauf,
außerdem wird der größte Teil der FSFE Angestellten und Representatives
anwesend sein. Ich würde mich über eine breite Partizpation eurerseits freuen.
Die Teilnehmerzahl ist aus Platzgründen auf 40 limitiert, also meldet euch am
besten schnell an. Finanzielle Hilfe ist verfügbar.

Die Arbeitssprache wird Englisch sein, deshalb leite ich unten die
englischsprachige Einladung weiter. Rückfragen können jederzeit an mich oder
auch hier auf dieser Liste gestellt werden.

Crossposting wird dieses Mal vermieden, aber die selbe Einladung geht auch an:
- coordinators@
- team@
- country teams
- wiki-care-takers
- web-team
- sys-admins
- edu-team

--------- forwarded message ----------

Dear team,

the community meeting 2017 is the first edition of a hopefully annual meeting
for the FSFE community. The idea behind: We are a growing community of active
people who do inspiring activities, often, but not limited to, on a local
level. Beyond that, we form collaborative teams on different matters and
topics throughout Europe, run campaigns or give input to stakeholders. Not to
forget, that on top of this, many of us visit Free Software related or similar
events throughout the year or have other possibilities to form additional
connections and networks. But, what we miss to some extension is the identity
and the forming of our very own and widespread community. Time to change this!
This is your invitation to come together for the FSFE community meeting 2017
and to be part in our very own community building process.

Of course, there will be many steps involved in such a community building
process, not just the community meeting. However, the community meeting is an
integral part of it. So, With this email I like to invite you to the FSFE
community meeting 2017. It will happen

	on:  November 24 / 25 / 26
	in:  Endocode, Brückenstrasse 5A, 10179 Berlin, Germany. [1]

Please note, that there will also be more steps involved in forming the
community meeting itself. Actually, a lot of what the community meeting will
be like and what will happen during the community meeting is in your hands!
Together, we will form the most interesting agenda for its participants in the
upcoming weeks.

This first email is sent out now for you to save the date. There will be more
details to follow in the next time, but to facilitate planning for all
participants, we already start with this announcement and add more details
over time.

All upcoming details will be added to the dedicated wiki-page:

So, if you already know that you are coming, I propose you "subscribe" to this
page to keep track of its changes.

And to announce you are coming, please use the attendees-list on a seperate

As said, much more details will come, so for now I leave you with a FAQ. But
of course, I am already happy to answer any immediate question.

= Who is invited? =
For organisational reasons we cannot invite everyone, although we would love
to. This being said, we invite all members of topical teams of FSFE as well as
local coordinators. In addition there will be the representatives and the
staffers. This year, we cannot exceed 40 persons for logistic reasons but it
will also help us to keep productivity. Find more details on the wiki-page.

= Accommodations =
To keep it simple, we will leave accommodations in everyones own hands.
However, soon we will list some ideas where to stay on the event's wiki page.

= Costs & grants =
Participation will be for no cost and full catering (except breakfast) for a
10 euro flat-rate. If you cannot afford your accommodation or transportation,
please get in touch with me, as we offer grants!

= Agenda =
As mentioned above, it will be a meeting to form our community. One integral
part of a community is to share knowledge within. This will be done with the
help of our topical teams as well as our local coordinators. Depending a bit
on the participants offers and interests, there will be possibilities to
- engage in hands-on activities (e.g. wiki-sprint, translators-sprint,
  web-sprint or similar),
- get introduced into new teams (web, wiki etc)
- participate in workshops (what to consider to run a proper booth, tools the
  FSFE offers and you might not know yet, ...)
- brainstorm (how can we achieve a common calendar for Free Software related
  events, ...)
- give spontaneous input (lightning talks)
- ...
If you like to run a workshop or knowledge-sharing lesson, please get in
contact with me!

As mentioned quite a few times, all the other details are still to follow : )
Stay tuned.

Finally, a special thanks to our current Fellowship representative Mirko Böhm,
who offers this location for the FSFE without costs and this way enables us to
offer more grants to our community!

And now, be the first to fill in your attendance:

Best regards and looking forward,


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