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Fr Jun 16 13:58:03 UTC 2017

Hi Thomas,

# Thomas Doczkal [2017-06-16 15:32 +0200]:
> To add my PGP Public key I have to add another secondary mail address
> which has to be confirmed first. I can add the mail address via web
> interface but haven't received a mail to confirm the address yet.

Strange. I tested it with another account and it worked just fine (to be
precise, *too* fine, see below). The GPG dialog tells you which mail
addresses you have to add in the red warning box: All addresses you GPG
key covers have to be added in Gitea.

At the same time I noticed that users were able to add any email address
without confirmation. This has been changed, and I could confirm that
you'll receive a confirmation mail after you added a new address.

Please notify me if this issue still persists.


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