[15 years FSFE] looking for local FSFE heroes

Erik Albers eal at fsfe.org
Mi Aug 17 13:37:58 UTC 2016

Dear Fellows and Friends of FSFE,

on September 3rd, we are having an official 15 years of FSFE celebration in
the c-base in Berlin, directly around the corner of the BCC, where during the
day the FSFE summit takes place.

We like to use this momentum to highlight and honour all you local heroes who
together form the FSFE and without who we would have never achieved our
milestones in last 15 years [1].

Unfortunately, not all our local heroes will come to the summit/the
celebration and anyway, not all of our local heroes would fit on any stage
inside the c-base : ) That is why we can only highlight and honour some of you
heroes in representation of the whole community.

Hence, if you think that you are a local hero or you know someone who is,
please write to fellowship at fsfeurope.org with the tag [local hero] and the
following information

	- name of local hero
	- residence (city is enough) of local hero
	- what makes her or him a local hero

Please be quick, so we can prepare a nice session for all of them!

Thank you very much,

PS: We will hopefully videostream this event and notify you about it before

[1] we recently updated our timeline, to see some milestones we achieved,
check: https://fsfe.org/timeline/timeline

Imagine no European is any longer forced to use non-free software!

Join the first FSFE summit on September 2nd - 4th: https://fsfe.org/summit16

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