Fellowship Shell Server

Michael Clemens clemens at fsfe.org
Do Mär 7 10:53:55 UTC 2013

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe das hier bereits an discussion at fsfeurope.org geschickt, poste
es aber der Vollständigkeit halber hier noch einmal. Ich bin auch so 
und erspare mir die Übersetzung ;)


Dear fellows,

I think it would be nice to have our own multi user unix system that
provides shell accounts and maybe additional services to us. Every
fellow could have his/her own shell account and access to the following

* IRC clients (e.g. irssi)
* jabber clients (e.g. mcabber)
* mail clients (e.g. mutt, pine)
* compilers (gcc etc.)
* screen/tmux
* git

Additional services could be:

* OpenVPN service, so fellows can encrypt their connection when they 
are on the road
* web site hosting
* databases (MySQL, postgresql etc.)
* SSH tunneling
* File storage

In order to start this project, the following two conditions have to be 

* Enough fellows have to show interest in such a system
* Besides me, I would need two other fellows with skills in Linux/Unix 
   (and maybe in IT security) who will take care of the system

If this will be the case, I would suggest the following procedure:

* I would rent a single server system and an additional FTP account as 
backup space
* We (the 3 admins) would build up a system with some basic services, 
harden it and
   develop/implement scripts for the automation of administrative tasks 
like account
   creation etc.
* We and some some volunteer beta testers would play around with it
* The FSFE would take over the server and its rent
* The system would be open for all of us
* Additional services could be added

What do you think?


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