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Do Feb 5 08:12:29 UTC 2009

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hallo zusammen,

also ich werde für unser  http://opencu.org.uk    project das  
untenbeschriebene lizenz  modell von Funambol anwenden ,
gibt es da irgentwelche bedenken eurerseits ?



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Funambol has two versions of its software: the open source Community  
Edition and the commercial Carrier Edition.

The editions share a body of source code. This dual-license strategy  
is now common with commercial open source companies.

Funambol Community Edition uses the GNU Affero General Public License  
v3 (AGPLv3) open source license that lets you offer your software to  
all who wish to use, modify and distribute it freely. The AGPLv3 open  
source license allows you to use Community Edition at no charge under  
the condition that if you use Funambol code in an application that you  
distribute, the complete source code for your application must be  
available and freely redistributable under reasonable conditions. With  
this license, you can download, inspect, develop and test Funambol  
code. Many organizations do this before they contact us regarding a  
commercial license.

In layman's terms, Community Edition can be freely used for many  
purposes. The most notable exception is if you you use the software as  
part of an Internet or network-based service, you must make all of the  
related code available to the community. Alternatively, if you do not  
wish to share your code, you can purchase a commercial license from  
Funambol that removes this requirement. For more information, please  
contact Funambol Sales.


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