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Tuesday, December 12, 2006, 8:15:09 AM, Purodha Blissenbach wrote:

GCFG>   http://www.fsfe.org/fellows/greve/freedom_bits/openxml_wrap_up_after_d12k

Imho worth mentioning is the deceptiveness of the name "OpenXML"
which I never use alone, I rather refer to "Microsofts OpenXML"
or, depending on my audience "what Microsoft calls OpenXML" ...
... is not XML (it is only using some XML, in parts)
... is not at all open (because it is not meant to be, the
.   opposite is true, it's built towards impediate openness)
... is in fact yet another Version of Microsofts Office Document
.   formats (which the name, with intent, does not tell)
So when talking to people who not already know the entire
background, specifically those who might be deceived by the
"solomonian decision" position and argue "let's have a choice of
formats" following a strategy which has helped them to be more
independant of Microsoft in the past, it is crucial to clearly
state that, put in simple words, what Microsoft calls OpenXML
is only the old hassle with Microsofts proprietary incompatible
data formats wrapped into a layer of XML gift paper.

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