Fwd: Request from academic researcher

Thomas Templin thomas.templin at epost.de
Sa Mär 30 23:24:49 UTC 2002

Folgende Mail kam Heute auf der SuSE-Linux Liste an.
Die dort durchgeführte Umfrage bezieht sich auf das 
Kommunikationsverhalten von Listen/Newsgroup Mitgliedern und dürfte 
eigendlich nur im direkten Vergleich mit anderen Gruppen 
interessant sein. Allerdings Informationen über die 
Gemeinsamkeiten/Unterschiede im Verhalten verschiedener Gruppen 
würde mich auch interessieren. 
Ich bin mir gar nicht so sicher ob der/die durchschnitliche 
Anhänger/in des Pinguins sich noch von anderen unterscheidet.
Informationen über die Bereitschaft sich für OSS zu engagieren 
respektive was die Beweggründe für ein solches Engagement sein 
könnten, aus sicht der Anwender, wäre schon eine brauchbare 

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Subject: Request from academic researcher
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 10:43:03 -0600
From: Paul Dholakia <dholakia at rice.edu>
To: suse-linux at suse.com

Dear friends:

I am a faculty member at the Jones school of management at Rice
 University in Houston, Texas (you can verify this by a Google
 search on "Utpal Dholakia" or "Paul Dholakia"). Over the last year
 or so, we have been conducting a research project examining the
 growing phenomenon of "brand communities" --- groups organized
 around specific products or brands. Examples would be Harley
 Davidson riders, Mercedes drivers, Mac enthusiasts, etc.

In this regard, Linux user groups offer another powerful instance
 of this interesting phenomenon --- that we wish to study from a
 sociological perspective.

We are currently carrying out a survey of Linux user group and
 interent forum members, seeking their opinions on membership,
 their feelings and the value derived.

The survey is posted the web at the following URL:


Please, PLEASE, please consider filling out the survey-

Remember it will take only 10-15 minutes and be a great help to
 research, and only used for academic purposes. This is an
 _educational_ endeavor,

Please help us by taking a few minutes.

As a small token of appreciation, and in the spirit of the
 open-source movement, we will be donating a total of $500 to five
 groups or organizations nominated by our respondents (you will get
 a chance to nominate in the survey)

Also, if anyone would like to send me contact info for any other
 groups/web sites where I might find individuals who might be
 interested in responding to the survey, it would be much

If you have any questions, please email me at dholakia at rice.edu.
 Thank you.

Dr. Utpal (Paul) Dholakia
Assistant Professor of Management
Rice University

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