Übersetzung Englisch ->Deutsch?

Loic Dachary loic at gnu.org
Mi Aug 29 21:10:31 UTC 2001

 > i suggest this course:
 > all transaltors have write access to cvs
 > the completion of a translation is discussed in a non public mailinglist (only for the translators with cvs write access), also starting of work is announced on this list
 > when completion is accepted, loic (or whoever is responsible) tags the version with tag 'public' and it can appear on the web page ('cvs update' should have sticky tag 'public')

	Could you register on savannah.gnu.org so that I can give you
write access to the CVS tree ? Then you'll be able to fix it according
to your remarks. I'm very sorry that I do not understand german. Otherwise
I would have merged your suggestions into the current text right away.
Neither Georg Jakob nor you currently have a Savannah account and there
is nothing I can do.

	Sorry again for the inconvenience, let me know what I can do to


P.S. I'll be travelling by train tomorrow morning and will only be back online
around 11am.

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