Übersetzung Englisch ->Deutsch?

Loic Dachary loic at gnu.org
Mi Aug 29 12:16:44 UTC 2001

Olaf Koglin writes:
 > Loic Dachary wrote:
 > > 
 > ...
 > I don´t know if you read <fsfe-de at fsfeurope.org> - Georg Jakob posted a
 > translation an hour ago. 

	I don't read it. Thanks for the information. The translation
is online at


	I formatted it, added links. Given the fact that I don't read
german I maybe added some of them in strange places :-) Georg Jakob, 
would you like me to give you write access to the www.fsfeurope.org CVS
tree ? 

	If someone spots a typo or want to fix something, you can send
the replacement text to me, I'll be your human patch server today. If
you want to do it yourself, I'd be happy to add you to
savannah.gnu.org/projects/fsfe so that you have write access to the CVS.


P.S. Does anyone speak Danish or Swedish here ? Oh well, just probing.

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