FSFE's coding competition, Youth Hacking 4 Freedom, open for registration

Bonnie Mehring bonnie at fsfe.org
Wed Nov 22 11:25:09 UTC 2023

Dear Benelux List,

Today, we would like to share the news about the start of the third 
round of Youth Hacking 4 Freedom (YH4F) with you. YH4F is a hacking 
competition for teenagers from Europe, regardless of their coding 
skills. YH4F is open to everyone between 14 and 18 years. The 6 winners 
will be awarded with a cash prize, in total more than 10,000 Euro.

With YH4F, the Free Software Foundation Europe lowers the barrier for 
teenagers to engage with Free Software. YH4F provides the perfect entry 
point for teenagers to get in touch with Free Software. Participants get 
to practically experience the four freedoms. They develop their own Free 
Software project or contribute to an existing one, learning more about 
collaborative work in Free Software and Free Software communities. And, 
of course, fun is an essential part of the experience!

Participants can register here: https://survey.fsfe.org/index.php/658534

The competition is about to kick off with an opening event on the 7th of 
December, 19:30 CET for all interested teenagers. In this event, we will 
share all the information about YH4F 2024 and of course answer all the 
questions participants might have. For participating in the event 
teenagers can drop us their email here: 
On the 1st of January 2024 the competition will properly start with the 
coding period till the 30th of June 2024. During this six month coding 
period participants will work on their Free Software project. Every 
month of the coding period, we organsie a monthly online meeting, in 
which the teenagers get to know each other and can form friendships 
across Europe. During these meetings, we, as well as jury members, 
provide input on Free Software topics.

YH4F 2024 in a nutshell:
* Participants must be between 14 and 18 years old at the time of 
* Participation is free, but registration is mandatory. Registration is 
open throughout the coding period. For registering please share this 
link: https://survey.fsfe.org/index.php/658534
* The opening event is on 7 December 2023
* The coding period is between 1 January and 30 June 2024.
* During the coding period participants are free to join the monthly 
online meetings.
* The first-, second-, and third-place winners will receive €4,096, 
€2,048, and €1,024.  There will also be three special prizes of €1,024. 
Overall, around 10,000 Euro will be awarded.
* Each participant, who submitted a project will also receive a 
certification of participation and a special prize

The competition will be conducted remotely, except for the award 
ceremony, which will take place in Brussels during a weekend in October 
2024 (to which the winners and a family member will be invited on an 
all-expenses-paid basis).

You can find out more about the FSFE’s coding competition here: 
and on https://yh4f.org

Please share this information with teenagers, teachers, organisations, 
youth clubs and others within your network and be part of YH4F 2024! If 
you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Best regards,
Alex and Bonnie

Bonnie Mehring - Project manager -
Free Software Foundation Europe
Schönhauser Allee 6/7, 10119 Berlin, Germany | t +49-30-27595290
Registered at Amtsgericht Hamburg, VR 17030  |(fsfe.org/support)

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