FSFE Local group in Belgium

Sebastien Masson sebastien at masson.engineer
Thu Nov 17 12:12:24 UTC 2022

Thank you for your reply André.

On 13/11/2022 19:16, André Ockers wrote:
> Dear Sébastien Masson,
> Op zaterdag 12 november 2022 15:45:53 CET schreef Sébastien Masson:
>> I was looking for a local group in Belgium.  Unfortunately, it seems none
>> exists yet.  However, there might be some people from Belgium on this list
>> who might be interested in discussing in person. If there are, would you
>> please contact me so that we could try to organise a short talk online or
>> in person, and see if the magic happens?
> Thanks for reaching out. I've been to the physical FOSDEM continuously since
> 2014 and have met Belgian Free Software supporters in the hall of the main
> building to have a chat once or twice. I'm a (basic level) francophone.
> Wishing you all the best, looking forward to meeting Belgian Free Software
> supporters,
> Best regards from Nijmegen,
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