FSFE Local group in Belgium

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas at pettiaux.be
Sun Nov 13 06:56:03 UTC 2022

Hello Sébastien,

Thanks for this mail.

I am willing to work on such activities as I have been for about 20 
years and does through bxlug, abelli and educode asbls.

Today, most communication about that takes place thanks to matrix 
protocol and the element.io application (eg) in the channels

 1. #community:fsfe.org
 2. #FSFE-francophone:fsfe.org
 3. #CEDO-EU:matrix.org
 4. #Abelli:matrix.org
 5. #bxlug:libera.chat

I invite you all in such channels as I tend to replace many emails with 
matrix messages (more secure, allowing very easily many other kind of 
exchanges - files, video and oral communications too)

I live in Brussels, work as a teacher in a school that once once 
probably one of the best in Belgium (Athénée Robert Catteau next to the 
Palais de jusctice). Mais goals are to replace Google / Microsoft / 
Adobe / (every proprietary software and companies) in schools, 
associations, administrations and if possible other companies by free 
software, as much as possible decentralized.

I am easily available for physical meeting in Brussels. Do not hesitate 
to reach me in private by mail, matrix (at @npettiaux:matrix.org) or 
téléphone to setup a meeting.

I am fluent in French and English much less due to lack of practice in 
Dutch (but I do speak and understand Dutch when I need to )

Hope to meet you soon,



Le 12/11/22 à 15:45, Sébastien Masson a écrit :
> Dear friends,
> Beste vrienden,
> Chers amis,
> I was looking for a local group in Belgium. Unfortunately, it seems 
> none exists yet.  However, there might be some people from Belgium on 
> this list who might be interested in discussing in person.
> If there are, would you please contact me so that we could try to 
> organise a short talk online or in person, and see if the magic happens?
> I thank you for your feedbacks
> Sébastien
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