Belgium Router Freedom consultation until 17th of November

Nico Rikken nico.rikken at
Mon Nov 7 15:29:02 UTC 2022

Hi FSFE supporters!

This mainly concerns the Belgian supporters on this mailinglist.

I am contacting you because Belgium has prepared a draft law to
regulate how ISPs should treat consumers in relation to their routers
and modems, and has open a public consultation. We are very happy that
the Belgian BIPT has been quite sensitive to Router Freedom and decided
to safeguard this right for consumers. We have prepared a supporting
position, which you can find attached to this email, encouraging the
regulator to keep the proposed draft and to not compromise with the
possible counter arguments from telcos and network operators.

We would love to see you Belgian supporters submit a position in favour
of citizens in Belgium. This is a crucial development for safeguarding
freedom of routers and modem for consumers. In case BIPT confirms these
regulatory framework, it will be beneficial not only for Belgian
citizens, but also to serve as regulatory best practices for those
countries in process of reforming their telecom law and preparing
similar dispositions.

To facilitate your engagement, our document has highlighted in text
boxes the main arguments that could be incorporated into your
contribution to the consultation. Please let me know if we can help you
with anything.

Documents available here:


Here is a quick summary:

- BIPT has opened a public consultation for the position of the Network
  Termination Point. This is important for safeguarding users rights
  over routers and modems. Critically important for fiber connections.
- BIPT has proposed a good solution and we invite BEUC to support it. 
- Deadline for contributions - November, 17th Link of the draft
decision and instructions for the consultation:

Many thanks to Sam and Lucas for working on this!

I hope you will voice your opinion and join us in the fight for Router
Freedom! We are already contacting organisations that share our iterest
but if you have relevant contacts please forward this message of share
their contact details with us.

Nico Rikken
Coördinator Nederland, Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE)
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