FSFE Netherlands online get-together 21 December

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas at pettiaux.be
Wed Dec 21 10:43:00 UTC 2022


I would have liked to attend. Even a virtual meeting allows to see the 
faces, which is a first way to get to know each other. But tonight, it 
is impossible.

I would very much like to know the people who are active in this Benelux 
FSFE chapter, especially in Belgium, both in Dutch and in French.

I think it is necessary to do something to remind the politicians 
(ministers especially) of the Walloon Region and of the « Fédération 
Wallonie-Bruxelles » that in 2019 (as in 2009) thay have written a 
strong commitment to support and use Free Software largely ... which is 
still not enforced !


And follow up the carte blanche that was written in July 2020 
and signed by many elected representatives and other people

We (Educode, that is mainly Erick Mascart and myself, more and more with 
Olivier Meunier) plan to do a Belgian French speaking version of the 
Dutch petition for Free software in schools. See Erick's message on the 
CEDO-EU matrix channel.

I have put in cc. other Belgian people and groups (bxlug and abelli) who 
could be interested to join.

I propose to follow up in the FSFE matrix channel #community:fsfe.org or 
in the #cedo-eu:matrix.org channel.

Best regards,


Le 20/12/22 à 22:25, Nico Rikken a écrit :
> [Nederlands]
> Op 21 december zal FSFE Nederland wederom hun online localgroup meeting
> hebben. De bijeenkomst zal van 20:00 tot 22:00 CET zijn op de
> conference server. De vorige keren was het erg gezellig en dus bleven
> de meesten tot 23:00, maar je kan op elk moment afzwaaien. De meeting
> is open voor iedereen en we schakelen naar het Engels als niet iedereen
> Nederlands begrijpt. Meer informatie is te vinden op de wiki:
> https://wiki.fsfe.org/Events/Netherlands/2022-12-21  Bij de
> bijeenkomsten hanteren we de gedragscode van de FSFE. De URL van de
> meeting ishttps://conf.fsfe.org/b/netherlands
> [English]
> On the 21st of December, the FSFE Netherlands will have another online
> localgroup meeting. The meeting will be from 20:00 until 22:00 CET on
> the conference server. It is usually quite 'gezellig' and so most stay
> until 23:00, but you can leave whenever you see fit. The meeting is
> open for everybody, and we'll switch to English if not everybody
> understands Dutch. More information can be found on the wiki:
> https://wiki.fsfe.org/Events/Netherlands/2022-12-21  At the meetings we
> abide by the FSFE Code of Conduct. The URL of the meeting is
> https://conf.fsfe.org/b/netherlands
> Groeten,
> Nico Rikken
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