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Wed May 13 12:11:55 UTC 2020

Bonjour monsieur Nicolas Pettiaux,

Merci pour votre courriel.

Nicolas Pettiaux schreef op wo 13-05-2020 om 08:23 [+0200]:
> I shall be present as much as I can.
> Can I add some subjects and some questions 
> I am the president of the association Educode (see https://educode.be
>  and https://wiki.educode.be) that has organized 2 conférences
> (https://2018.educode.be & https://2019.educode.be) to support and
> teach teachers to use computer sciences and introduce that in their
> classrooms . Educode only uses free software, teach about free
> software only and promotes open educational resources
> we have turned to online education and organise webinars and online
> classes. We are looking for teachers about any subjects that could be
> interesting to teachers (and related to the use of FS you have
> understood)
> we are working on a large project that could supported financially by
> ISOC and amount to 500 000 €. This proposal must be finished by
> Saturday 16 May. For the proposal to have real successes, we consider
> that we need to have as partner an association (or company) of
> Flemisch and Dutch speaking people who do similar activities as we do
> : support and train teachers with free software. Are there any of you
> here who know such association ?

Quelle initiative sympathique! Le samedi est vraiment très proche.
L'entreprise "AT-Computing" [1] est spécialisée dans ce domaine et est
située à Nimègue.
Avez-vous déjà découvert notre forum Discours [2]? Vous trouverez ici
une section BNL (Belgique Pays-Bas Luxembourg) [3], dans laquelle vous
êtes libre de répéter votre appel.

Bonne chance,


André Ockers
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[1] https://www.atcomputing.nl/
[2] https://community.fsfe.org/
[3] https://community.fsfe.org/c/local-groups/benelux/37
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