FSFE BNL online meeting next Saturday 16:00 - 17:00

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas at pettiaux.be
Wed May 13 06:23:56 UTC 2020


I shall be present as much as I can.

Can I add some subjects and some questions

 1. I am the president of the association Educode (see
    https://educode.be and https://wiki.educode.be) that has organized 2
    conférences (https://2018.educode.be & https://2019.educode.be) to
    support and teach teachers to use computer sciences and introduce
    that in their classrooms . Educode only uses free software, teach
    about free software only and promotes open educational resources
 2. we have turned to online education and organise webinars and online
    classes. We are looking for teachers about any subjects that could
    be interesting to teachers (and related to the use of FS you have
 3. we are working on a large project that could supported financially
    by ISOC and amount to 500 000 €. *This proposal must be finished by
    Saturday 16 May.* For the proposal to have real successes, we
    consider that we need to have as partner an association (or company)
    of Flemisch and Dutch speaking people who do similar activities as
    we do : support and train teachers with free software. Are there any
    of you here who know such association ?

Le 13/05/20 à 07:50, Nico Rikken a écrit :
> Dear FSFE-supporter,
> Next Saturday 16th of May, we will meet online between 16:00 and 17:00,
> now that we are not able to meet physically. We will use the Jitsi
> service by the FSFE.
> The URL of the meeting is https://meet.fsfe.org/bnl Perhaps we will
> configure a password, that will be 'freedom'. In the UI you can manage
> the video quality, which allows you to switch to modes requiring less
> bandwidth and less compute power. When having technical issues, please
> reply on this email.
> I hope to see you Saturday!
> Best,
> Nico Rikken
> Coordinator Netherlands
> ====
> Beste FSFE-supporter,
> Aanstaande zaterdag 16 mei zullen we van 16:00 tot 17:00 een online
> meeting hebben, nu we fysiek niet meer kunnen samenkomen. We zullen
> gebruik maken van de Jitsi service van de FSFE.
> De URL van de meeting is https://meet.fsfe.org/bnl Mogelijk stellen we
> een wachtwoord in, dat zal 'freedom' zijn. In de UI is het mogelijk om
> de videokwaliteit te selecteren waarmee het mogelijk is om te schakelen
> naar een modus die minder bandbreedte en minder rekenkracht vereist.
> Bij technische proberen graag een reply op deze e-mail.
> Hopelijk tot zaterdag!
> Groeten,
> Nico Rikken
> Coordinator Nederland
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