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Mon Feb 20 20:35:17 CET 2017

Hi Geert,

The status is 'to be released Real Soon Now', that's why I just put out
an update on the mailinglist. (assuming you are subscribed)

Assuming we get the responses we desire, we can go live at the end of
this week.

Providing feedback this way is fine, as would be to send it directly to
me, or create an issue on GitHub.

The default language should now be Dutch, but it defaults to your
browser configuration. It is somewhat difficult to test with my default
browser settings being English, but curl renders the Dutch version.

We were thinking of rephrasing the patent question, but the
simplification of the netneutrality question also looks good. I'll give
them another look.

Thanks for your input!

Kind regards,
Nico Rikken

On Mon, 2017-02-20 at 09:36 +0100, Geert Stappers wrote:
> Hi,
> Either I missed the announce or it isn't announced yet,
> but there is a website at
> If the status is "to be released Real Soon Now"
> then sorry for spoiling the announce message.
> My feedback:
> * Where to provide feedback?
> * The default language seems to be English, can it become Dutch?
> * 'Softwarepatenten schaden innovatie en moeten in Nederland niet geldig zijn.'
>     Nee, software patenten moeten niet in Nederland geldig zijn
>     Ja, software patenten moeten niet in Nederland geldig zijn
>  Proposed rewrite:
>   'Softwarepatenten schaden innovatie en daarom tegenhouden in Nederland'
> * 'Netneutraliteit: Innovatie op het internet moet vrij zijn. Daarom
>    mag er tussen internetdiensten niet gediscrimineerd worden op snelheid
>    en kwaliteit.'
>  Proposed rewrite on the "Daarom ..."
>    'Daarom mag er niet gediscrimineerd worden op bestemming of protocol'
> Groeten
> Geert Stappers
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