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Op 01-02-15 om 00:37 schreef Nico Rikken:
> Dear BNL-team,
> Hereby I send you the minutes I took this afternoon at the BNL-meeting.
> Kind regards,
> Nico Rikken
> ==== Intro ====
> Present: Sam, Mauritio, Felix, Maurice, Willem, Maël, Nico
> Rheiner is organizing a secret fellowshipmeeting at A l'imaige
> Nostre-Dame, in small alley after the stock-market.
> ==== Discussion ====
> Mauritio introduces himself. He's been in Brussels sinds 2010 and is
> originally Brazilian. His first EU-coordinatorsmeeting was two years ago
> in Berlin, together with Emma, also from Belgium. They took on multiple
> events, including supporting the Namur Linux User Group.Unfortunately
> contact has been lost since then.
> Mauritio is interested in cooperating with local projects in Brussesl
> and around, like hackerspaces, user groups, Open Garage, and possibly
> visiting universities in coordinance with the Edu-team. Also there are
> options of approaching the parliament or FUG (?). In general Maurition
> mentions he would like to go more outside.
> Tom and Mauritio mention their time is limited.
> Mauritio is excited about the Dutch progress, mentioned the eveing
> earlier at the Fellowship Coordinators Meeting, as a reference process.
> Maurice explains that to get things started in the Netherlands, the
> focus was on getting out in the open, thereby meeting interesting people
> which are also interested in doeng stuff. Having contacts, they targeted
> various events, often making it a team-efforts. Suggestions of the type
> of events can be high schools, universities, hackerspaces, user groups,
> etc. That initial push has helped strengthen the team. Another example
> is the Privacy Café, where as a way of synergy, Free Software was
> mentioned as well. Avove all it's about doing
> things //somewhere//, //together//, rather than just meeting as a team.
> This approach gives a lot of positive energy to the team.
> Mauritio emphasises he is also interested in hooking on to other events,
> rather than oranizing their own evens. This approach would reduce the
> required effort to organize.
> Maël asks about the use of mailinglists, on which Maurice elaborates:
> * BNL is a general mailinglist, for all Fellows.
> * Netherlands was recently created for only the active Dutch members.
> The same could be done for the Belgium list. A newly taken approach is
> to CC many emails to the list so that people can be aware of the
> individual efforts.
> Maurice states that it is important to be doing something you like
> doing, and ask others if they are interested in collaborating with you.
> The Fellowship wiki pages i available to the outside, now featuring a
> BNL-page. It also features a calendar, so people can be aware of what's
> going on. By keeping this page up to date the outside world can be aware
> of our activities.
> Mauritio's place is available when there isn't another place, since he
> has enough room to host small events.
> Maël mentions he has limited time available, so he is more interested in
> taking on small practical things. Maurice stresses the importance of
> selecting the things you're interested in: because in case of an event
> you would go anyway, so in this way you can combine two activities. Also
> this makes it easy to do and as an added benefit gives you good energy.
> It's the low-hanging fruit.
> Maël mentions he doesn't speak Ducth. Fortunately Tom speeks Dutch and
> Mauritio speaks English, so in all the Belgium team covers the relevant
> languages.
> Mauritio menstions that the beauty of the Belgium team is that there
> aren't strict rules. Because of this you can do what you are interested
> in. As a team they can start small, whilst even the smallest
> contributions will help make other people more enthousiastic as well.
> Willem mentions that after T-Dose he hasn't come around to folding and
> spreading the tool-leaflets yet. He is quite busy.
> Possible activities within the focus of the NL-team is on distributing
> flyers, lobbying, and fundraising.
> Maurice mentions as an example that at a meeting of the NL Linux User
> Group, he put on a poster in the high school the event was held, and
> monts later it is still hanging there.
> The next Fellowship Coordinators Meeting will be held at the end of May
> or at the beginning of Junse.
> On request by Nico Maël elaborates on the FixMyDocuments.EU campaign.
> Whist it is currently targeted towards the European Union, the reach of
> the program can be extended towards other countries where similar
> policies are present. If you are using the website or want to resuse it,
> please help. Ideally the website should become crowdsource, like the
> FixMyStreet website. Currently the listing of websites is served via
> Google Documents, which can be improved, but was plain usable. At the
> very least it contains proprietary javascript.
> It is mentioned that the Wikimedia Foundation is using services from
> Google internally.
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