FSFE booth at T-Dose

Felix C. Stegerman flx at fsfe.org
Thu Oct 9 00:49:56 CEST 2014

Hi André,

* André Ockers <ao at fsfe.org> [2014-10-08 10:37]:
> Dear Felix,
> You want to organise a FSFE booth at T-Dose. Can I support you a
> little bit?

Thanks for reminding us (and your offer of support).  Maurice has
indeed arranged our usual booth at T-DOSE.  We can certainly use a few
more people to man it [so that we can afford to be away from the booth
during our own talks and maybe even see a few others ;-)].

- Felix

Felix C. Stegerman

Deputy Coordinator Netherlands
Free Software Foundation Europe

fsfe.org // wiki.fsfe.org/groups/BNL // blogs.fsfe.org/flx
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