Dutch planet

Jelle Hermsen jelle at fsfe.org
Sun Jan 26 17:25:51 CET 2014

On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 2:16 PM, Hugo Roy <hugo at fsfe.org> wrote:
>> > + 2014-01-24 Fri 17:14, Jelle Hermsen <jelle at jellehermsen.nl>:
>> Cristian Rigamonti wasn't sure about the policy so he inquired the
>> @fellowship list, but they haven't come to a decision yet.
> We don't *need* a decision for every thing, that's why it's an
> **experiment**.
> This has been discussed several times on team calls and on team@
> Please don't feel restrained by that. We will come with rules and
> policies along the way when we have more grasp of what planet
> curators need.

Thanks Hugo. I hope that we can continue with this experiment. I have
also sent this mail to fellowship-hackers@ and fellowship at .

At the moment I am restrained by the fact that I can't add blogs to
the Dutch planet myself, so if anyone could pick up on this that would
be wonderful. I could even do it myself if someone could give me the

I have four blogs that can be added right away, and when I'm sure
we're all on the same page I think I will be able to quickly find
more. Especially regarding Rutger van Sleens generous offer that we
can represent the FSFE at the NLLGG meetings.


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