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Op donderdag 23 januari 2014 heeft Rutger van Sleen (NLLGG) <
rutger.van.sleen at nllgg.nl <javascript:_e({}, 'cvml',
'rutger.van.sleen at nllgg.nl');>> het volgende geschreven:

> May I invite you* to do so at the meetings of the Dutch LUG (NLLGG)? We
> would happily welcome followers to represent the FSFE there. They are on
> the following dates: 25 jan, 22 march, 24 may, 28 june, 20 sept (SFD!)
> and 22 nov, in Utrecht.
> * and all who read this as well, ofcourse.
> Kind regards,
> Rutger van Sleen
> Chairman NLLGG
That's a great offer, thank you. I'm sure we will be able to follow up on
this in some shape or form.

However I have to still a bit careful. Hugo's idea of an unofficial planet
curator is very nice, but I met some resistance when I actually found
bloggers outside the fellowship who agreed to be added to the planet. (So
far I have found 4, but that's just after one hour of asking around on
Twitter, so I'm sure there's potential here). I guess some Fellowship
official will have to rubber stamp this plan first.

Putting that all aside I think it would be awesome if we could represent
the FSFE at NLLGG meetings. Only good things can come from that :).

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