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On 2014-01-19 20:25, Maurice wrote:
>> On 01/19/2014 12:57 PM, Jelle Hermsen wrote:
>>> Op zondag 19 januari 2014 heeft Kevin Keijzer 
>>> <the_unconventional at fsfe.org
>>> <mailto:the_unconventional at fsfe.org>> het volgende geschreven:
>>> Hi Jelle,
>>> Hmm, I'll mail fellowship-hackers@ with a request to add my
>>> "Dutch" tagged posts to the Dutch Fellowship Planet, although I
>>> have to admit that I rarely -if ever- write anything in Dutch.
>> Hi Kevin, That's great!
> Nice to see this initiative! Good idea to put some effort in these
> blogs!
>>> How many active Dutch contributors does the FSFE have, by the
>>> way? (I'm just curious, because I would only know four,
>>> including myself.)
>> I think Maurice can tell more about how many Dutch contributers
>> we have. He's the Dutch coordinator and has all the lists.
> Well there are many on the mailinglists (BNL & NL). But right now I
> know of about 6 people (including us three) in NL that are working
> on stuff.
>>> Some countries have national team pages; like Germany 
>>> (https://fsfe.org/de/), France (https://fsfe.org/fr/), and
>>> Italy (https://fsfe.org/it/), but there doesn't appear to be a
>>> Dutch / Benelux page. (Or am I missing something?)
> That's right. Not sure if we should add a "team" page. IMHO we are
> just getting started in NL. As soon as we have some more stuff to
> say (for instance about the EDU campaign, the crypto-parties and
> some other stuff) it might be time to start a team page. If it
> gives you more "weight" in your dealings with politicians, than let
> me know/
> Right now the only place we are "using" is the fellowship wiki -> 
> https://wiki.fsfe.org/groups/BNL?highlight=%28\bCategoryFellowshipGroup\b%29
>  Its open to all fellows and if anybody else would like to help
> please join in! We can cross-link/post blogs there for instance.
> Please keep in mind that in IMHO we only need one place for now...
> let's focus effort (especially on irl activities like the
> crypto-parties and NL-EDU campaign). This makes sure we have stuff
> to write about and prevents multiple places to maintain, as this is
> much work already.
>> I don't think there's a Benelux team page yet. There's still a
>> lot of work to do on the web front, especially regarding
>> translations.
> Also for the BNL the wiki is the place to go right now. At FOSDEM
> I'll discuss with Mauricio what we can do in this regard.
> Kind regards,
> Maurice

Nice to see some activity on this front!  I think it would be nice to
arrange a Dutch (and Belgian?) fsfe meeting sometime in the near
future.  That would give us a chance to meet and get to know each
other -- and to get more organised and discuss these kinds of things.
 Those of us attending FOSDEM could get together there (and make plans
for a -- larger? -- meeting in the Netherlands afterwards).

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