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Jelle Hermsen jelle at jellehermsen.nl
Sun Jan 19 17:43:01 CET 2014

> Ok. Be aware that this is an experiment as there's no such thing
> officially as a planet curator, but it's good to see what we can
> do and progressively see how to handle problems if any arise.
> The way I see it, you could contact bloggers in Dutch and ask them
> if they're alright with being on the planet. The only requirement
> is to make sure we don't mix languages (it's alright to also
> propose to add Dutch bloggers who write in English to the English
> planet of course). Using category-specific feeds is the best way
> to do this on many blogging platforms.

Check. Sounds like a very interesting experiment indeed. I will give it a
go and report back when there are some results.

- Jelle
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