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Mauricio Nascimento aurion at
Tue Feb 4 20:43:29 CET 2014

On 04/02/14 15:04, Rytis Bagdziunas wrote:
> Hi all,
> Some of us met at FOSDEM. As a reminder, I'm from the Belgian branch.
Hi Rytis, nice to meet you. I am from the Belgian branch as well and I
am really sorry I got late and missed that important meeting.
I hope we can work together here in Belgium to re-activate our sleeping
cell and plan some activities very soon.
How about a fellowship meeting this month?

> On the Belgian side, we talked about relaunching
> <> initiative for the coming Euopean/federal/regional
> elections in May. That could be a good way for newcomers, like me, to
> get into FSFE movement.
That would be great ... FSFE had plans to launch a similar campaign but
we learned that April[1] launched the campaign[2] just some minutes
before. :(
So we decided to first, as individuals and citizens, to support April
campaign and some French fellows are getting in touch with April's
organization to see how FSFE can fully engage on it. I think at this
moment we should concentrate the efforts and support one campaign, to
make it bigger instead of spreading the efforts on two or even three
campaigns on the same topic.

> Since electoral lists aren't finished yet, it's not for today but we
> should be ready for some bulk e-mailing as of March, I guess.
> First thing to do is to get in touch with Nicolas Pettiaux who did it
> the first time and see if he's still interested/willing to help.
> You guys have any additional thoughts or remarks on this?
I talked to Nicola some weeks ago, I think we should meet him to talk
about it if he is still interesting on that subject.

Please let me know if we can setup a fellowship meeting this month, that
would be awesome. :)


Mauricio Nascimento


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