invitation to give a workshop in Rotterdam, NL.

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Wed Dec 10 10:30:49 CET 2014

Dear Lela,

On 02/12/14 14:54, Lela Mosemghvdlishvili wrote:
> <<I would be up for giving a talk about the campaign and how to run a complete
> mobile system in sync with your other GNU/Linux-devices in software freedom
> without a need of any third-party/account.
> However, before I can confirm, I need to know the exact date, because we are
> running our campaign around the same time, as the date for
> DFD is March 25th 2015.>>
> The conference has also been planned for 24-25th March. I assume, as it coincides with the DFD, it will not be feasible for you to attend?  Which is pity, as such keynote would be very relevant.

Yes, that is a pity. However it is in no way possible for me to do anything
else than our campaign between March 20 and 25 : (

> <<And, concerning the workshop: I asked some guys from our Netherlands team if
> and how they can help me in running such a workshop. We had very different
> experiences from past workshops and you definitely need a lot of volunteers to
> run a succesful workshop to root devices... the alternative is to concentrate
> on f-droid and free apps, what I would prefer. (also because rooting and
> freeing your device can take hours)..
> This is a very valuable input. Following this I think its better to target FDroid and free apps as a focus of the workshop and thereby attract more participants (students/conference attendees).

yes, please do so. I normally prefer to run a "whole system" workshop, that means
- showing them f-droid and explaining it (decentralized, free software etc)
- introducing "office" (mail, file browser, qr-scan, backup, ftp etc)
- introducing "travelling" (osmand navigation, social media, public transport
- introducing "syncing" (ownloud & owncloud apps)

> Should I wait for contact information of possible volunteers in the Netherlands, who can help guide such workshop at the campus (on Fdroid/and free apps)?

I will ask around. However, I doubt I have confirmation before next year and I
also see a problem that I am not present so I cannot guarantee any quality or
anything else. That's why I suggest I ask around and if there is interest I
bring you each other in contact and then you can manage the workshop between
all of you.


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