Status of a Belgian FSFE chapter and 2014 ?

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Hi Nicolas,

thanks for getting in touch! 

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On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 07:08:14PM +0200, Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
> I would like to know what are the status of a Belgian chapter of the FSFE ?
> is there one ? Who runs it ? Which language does it use mainly ? What are
> its activities today ?

While we don't have a Belgian chapter per se up and running, we do
have a few active volunteers in Belgium. I'm copying Erik and
Rainer, who will be happy to connect you with them. 
> I want to move forward with before the next elections on
> May 25, 2014. In about a month we'll send a detailed survey to the
> signatories (all candidates to different levels at the 2009, 2010 and 2012
> elections) with respect to their commitments. We'll propose to meet the
> candidates and elected people (the prime minister and most if not all the
> federal and french speaking regional ministers have signe the pact of
> digital freedoms in Belgium) to discuss the case and make some concrete
> proposals. We'll also tell them that by end January 2014 we'll pubblish
> their answers.
> I have hopes that in the French speaking side, we'll have meetings. I have
> already 2 with 2 parties this week. in the Dutch speaking part, it does not
> go so well. Steve De Herdt has done much work in 2010 but we have not had
> any time nor energy or 2012 in Flemish.
> Would any of you be intrested in jumping in ?
> I would like to have such an action made in belgium under the auspices of
> the FSFE Belgian chapter. Does this looks realistic ?

This looks quite similar to what we're doing in Germany with the "Ask
your Candidates" campaign. I'd be quite interested in having this
campaign run under the FSFE banner. Let's talk about how e can
make it work! 

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